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Coffee Brewer Concerns

Source: AFA

Date: Oct 25, 2017

Source: Elines

Over the past several weeks, there have been several incidents where Flight Attendants have inadvertently incurred second and third-degree burns as a result of malfunctions during the coffee brew cycles. This has been a result of both overflows and pressure releases associated with the coffee makers.   The Company and AFA are working together to determine not only the cause but to properly establish the mitigation necessary for prevention.  Please protect yourself by following the guidance below:

  • Only brew one coffee pouch at a time.
  • Ensure the pillow is flat with the ends tucked in and not folded over
  • DO NOT lift up the coffee maker handle mid-cycle for any reason as this action can release hot coffee or hot coffee grounds that may be under pressure.
  • If you hear a HISSING sound or see the maker overflowing, immediately use an oven mitt to turn off the maker with the on/off switch and walk away. 
  • DO NOT lift the handle of the maker until the water has stopped flowing and the maker and grounds have had a chance to cool down.

Always consider your own needs first.  Refer to your e-FAOM for additional information on the proper operation of the onboard coffee makers to prevent injury.


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