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Pepsi to Replace Coke on United Flights

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Date: Mar 25, 2002

United has decided to replace Coke for Pepsi on all flights beginning in May.  Yes, there are bigger issues to worry about but darn it, I preferred Coke!  Besides, as one Crew Lounge member wrote in and pointed out, who ever asks for a 'rum and Pepsi'?  And Diet Pepsi?  Can't hold a candle to Diet Coke...

Why did United go with Pepsi?  The following quote from our new Senior Vice President may help shed some light:

"The Pepsi-Cola Co. has been a major corporate customer of United's for many years and this agreement will allow us to further strengthen our business relationship," said Larry De Shon, United's senior vice president for onboard service.

Does the phrase, 'further strengthen our business relationship' mean that 'we are doing this in part of a special marketing agreement'.  In other words:  to keep the Pepsi Corporate Account loyal?

Regardless, the Pepsi contract is a five-year deal.  Don't feel too bad for Coke, however.  They are still served on plenty of other airlines.  Here's a breakdown of what the major airlines are serving:

Airline Coke Pepsi
Delta X  
Continental X  
US Airways X  
Southwest X  
Alaska X  
Northwest   X
American West   X
United   X

So there you go...

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