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Follow the Leader: Snip Snip, Chop Chop

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Date: Mar 21, 2002

Our very own UAL Corporation joined the other major airlines today by eliminating payment of base commissions to travel agents for tickets issued in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Like just about every business lately, from banks to pet supplies, everyone wants the 'customer' to make their purchases online.  Easier for the business, easier for the company (not having to support extra human being employees), and easier for the PROFIT BOTTOM LINE.

That's great, if you have a functioning computer and an internet connection.  Yep, easier for just about everyone except more often than not, the customer.  In fact, as I write these very words to you, my internet connection is down.  I cannot access the internet.  My ISP tells me that it may be up and running ('sorry for the inconvenience') within about 24 hours---BUT HEY!--I can check the status of my troubleshooting order quickly online via their website!

United today released a corporate press release announcing their decision to follow the other airlines in dropping the travel agent commissions.  The airline provided the following enlightening details in their press release today which I shall quote to you in full:

United Airlines will have no further public comment on this announcement.

You know that when UAL provides 'no further public comment' on something, that perhaps they are worried their decision didn't go over so well?

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