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AOL Changeover Deadline Extended (again)

Source: Archived Content

Date: Mar 22, 2002

The deadline for everyone to switch over to America Online for home Unimatic/Apollo access has been extended to April 30.  The reason for this creeping delay is because AOL is still putting the finishing touches on a special tracking system to more effectively record your every Internet movement and SELL YOU EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN...

Kidding on that one...but their pop-up windows are so annoying.

No, the real reason for the delay has to do with 'technical issues' (read: can't make the silly software work properly) with Macintosh computers.  Here's the official announcement on Unimatic Front Page News:

While thousands of employees have successfully transitioned from CompuServe to AOL, there remains to be some technical issues for Macintosh users. As a result, the deadline for the transition has been extended for all users from March 31 to April 30. Unimatic and Apollo will still be accessible through both CompuServe and AOL through April 30.

So there you go...another month (again) before everyone will have to join the McDonalds of the Internet world in order to access Unimatic from home!

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