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Onboard Service Tests Liquor 'Discrepancy Reporting Process'

Source: Archived Content

Date: Aug 16, 2001

Onboard Service, concerned with the 27% drop in revenue from liquor sales in the past three years, has decided to test a new 'liquor sales fiscal discrepancy reporting process' out of IAD and DEN.

But that wasn't all they tested for the 30-day period.  Among the items  included on the discrepancy test list were:

  • F/A-issued non-sufficient (NSF) checks
  • Unpaid hotel incidental charges
  • SkyKit goodwill compensation that "exceeded guidelines"

During this test, over 3,000 flight attendants received written "feedback" in their domicile mailboxes.  Then, they either had to "contact their performance supervisor for an exchange of information" or were "provided with coaching points".  Coaching?  Help!  They're everywhere now!  The overused, tired, clichéd corporate sports analogies...Go team, go!

Bottom line: Onboard Service considered the test results "successful" and will immediately "move forward with a systemwide implementation of the process, with the exception of liquor sales."  Further testing on the liquor sales portion of the "reporting process" will continue for several months out of IAD and DEN.

You can read more about this new procedure, and the rationale behind it, in the latest issue of Onboard Updates.

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