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Mechanics Take the 2nd Step

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Date: Oct 24, 2001

I guess the mechanics also have finally had enough of Goodwin.  They have formally asked the United Airlines Board of Directors to remove and replace our current Chairman and Chief Executive.

This announcement was made in a letter sent by the mechanics union (the International Association of Machinists) to the UAL Board of Directors yesterday.  The letter asked the Board to immediately search for Goodwin's successor, "with the goal of removing him as soon as an acceptable leader can be selected."

In case anyone's noticed, the flight attendants had already been there-done that with a press release sent over a week ago.  They took the 1st step.

One thing to remember:  getting rid of Goodwin is only a very small beginning of the restructuring and rebuilding that must be done at this airline.  Removing Goodwin is not the end-all, be-all solution to the internal problems and poor management decisions that have plagued this company long before September 11th.

These problems go far beyond the current whining and grumbling about a 21 percent drop in stock price because of some leaked letter.

Wanna get rid of Goodwin?  No problem with us.  But with this decision must come a serious re-adjusting of UAL corporate culture.  A lot of foolish decisions were made during the past several years, and we particularly don't need a repeat of the messes made 1999-2000.

Oh, and let's be sure that someone is watching very carefully who may be taking his place.  That may be the most important decision of all. 

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