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Flight Attendants Truly On Their Own

Source: Archived Content

Date: Oct 07, 2001

Read this quote from that has been floating around in the news media lately:

Herb Hunter, spokesman for United's pilots, said the union is not opposed to the airline moving forward with the plan. In fact, it has recommended recently hired pilots, still on probation and now being laid off, apply for work at Avolar.

"There's been a lot of money made in the business jet business,'' Hunter said. "This corporation desperately needs a way to help it make money.''

It seems our co-workers onboard the aircraft aren't opposed to the BizJet idea---or at least their union isn't.  And why would they be?  The barren wasteland called Stockoptionland is a great motivator here---given that their UAL shares have self-dug a hole to China recently, as well as reduced the dividend payout, for an extra kicker.

However, lest ye forget in the aftermath of September 11: the flight attendants are officially opposed to it.  The Association of Flight Attendants has filed "formal opposition to Avolar Services, Inc.’s application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity based on UAL’s contractual obligation to conduct flight operations only with flight attendants from the United flight attendant system seniority list."

In addition, our union clearly warned United that should the Department of Transportation grant Avolar's application, and UAL does not receive a waiver from its contractual obligations with AFA, the operation of Avolar by United Airlines would constitute "a violation of the status quo provisions of the Railway Labor Act (“RLA”), 45 U.S.C. § 151 et seq."  In response to such a violation, United flight attendants would be free to strike.

We'll let you know how this all plays out as more news becomes available.  In the meantime, keep this stuff in the back of your minds, because I fear Avolar isn't going to go away. 

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