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Flight Attendants To Meet With Senior Management

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Date: Sep 23, 2000

There's been a lot of activity over the newswires this morning about UAL flight attendants and UAL senior management.  Let's sort out exactly what's going on:

  • On September 19, 2000, MEC President Linda Farrow sent a second letter to James Goodwin, Chairman and CEO of UAL Corporation.  This new letter outlines certain steps AFA expects the company to take in correcting such issues as "the company's blatant violations of our contract."  The first letter was sent on September 1, 2000, and had focused on such issues such as contractual violations, critical coverage, and the OPBSK telephone system.
  • Then, on Friday (9/22/00) it was reported that a meeting is set for Monday afternoon, September 25, between AFA leaders and United CEO James Goodwin.  Bobbie Pilkington, MEC Secretary-Treasurer, told the media that the union will ask Goodwin for the pay increase, "given that the pilots just got a huge raise."
  • Keep in mind also that for the past two weeks, flight attendants have picketed at major airports in the United States and abroad in protest of work issues such as contractual violations, frequent Critical Coverage, failure to assign hotels or assignment to drug-infested, unsafe hotels, forcing flight attendants to sleep on aircraft or in crew lounges on layovers, and many others.
  • Finally, AFA also told the media that UAL flight attendants will be making a major announcement on September 26 concerning the proposed merger of United Airlines and U.S. Airways.  The announcement will be made at the United Airlines departure area, terminal one, Chicago O'Hare International Airport on September 26 at 1:30 p.m.  Results of the above mentioned meeting with Goodwin on Monday will most likely also be one of the topics raised in Tuesday's announcement.

So there you have it, we're all over the news and it looks like next week promises to be even more newsworthy.  Stay tuned folks!  Things should get interesting...

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