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Commerce Committee Approves Resolution Opposing UAL-US Airways Merger

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Date: Sep 20, 2000

Just over the press wires is the breaking story that the Senate Commerce Committee approved a non-binding resolution opposing the United/US Airways merger.

According to news sources today, the resolution "indicates that the lawmakers believe potential consumer detriments from the proposed combination outweigh the potential consumer benefits."

"I am pleased the Committee agrees that the United-US Airways merger would have a detrimental effect on the air traveling public," Commerce Chairman John McCain, R-Arizona told the media.

Media reports also mentioned that United said on Tuesday that the deal will save the flying public about $15 million a year. The figure is based on the idea that some of the fliers who now have to switch flights between two carriers will be able to stay with one airline.

Where did UAL Corporation get this figure?  From a recent University of Illinois study that was requested and paid for by the airline.

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