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From The 'I Told Ya So' Department

Source: Archived Content

Date: Aug 02, 2000

Check out the new Our Times (Vol. 6, No. 7, Page 8) for the results of the Gallup Poll on 10,000 UAL Employees.  The poll was about communication issues---something we take seriously here at Jumpseatnews.com---and how employees feel about UAL's communication skills.

What struck me as interesting is that according to the poll results, less than 45 percent of the surveyed UAL employees felt that United provided enough information about payroll, benefits, and changes in policies and procedures.  Yet, 97 percent of those same surveyed employees felt that those subjects were the most important.

I'd never heard of that poll until I browsed through the article---but man, if you improve the communication you'll really get some worthwhile results.

So there you go...improving communication.  One page at a time.

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