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Restraining Order Lifted For Mechanics

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Date: Dec 08, 2000

Remember when United management sought out and won a temporary restraining order against the mechanics last month?  Well now a federal judge just lifted that 'back-to-work' order, paving the way for all the attorneys to bicker and comment back and forth in the press---he said she said etc...

Of course, the bottom line is that going to court against a union representing one of your employee groups is never good news.  The end result of this will probably be the exact opposite of what United management originally wanted.  Why?  Because most UAL employees aren't going bother to read through details of this case.  Rather, they are just going to remember several main points:

Point #1:  United takes the mechanics to court and wins a 'restraining order' against their union, which forbids a work slowdown.

And then...some weeks later...

Point #2:  A federal judge removes this order.

For the average Joe Employee out there, this doesn't paint a pretty halo around certain individuals in United management.   To have a federal judge remove management's requested court order against one of their employee labor unions looks like a defeat and looks like United management did something wrong to begin with.

Of course, there's a lot more going on here underneath the surface.  Part of the reason the order was lifted was that the judge did not want this court order to have any impact on the upcoming negotiations in Washington, DC.

But this isn't going to matter (or probably even be known) to your average news reader, including the traveling public, who may now very well believe that this recent decision paves the way for more cancelled flights.

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