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No Further Talks Between United and AFA

Source: Archived Content

Date: Dec 04, 2000

According to the DEAR-AFA tape on December 1, 2000, no further talks have been scheduled between United Airlines and the Association of Flight Attendants regarding wage increases.  If you recall, United Airlines and the AFA failed to reach an a wage proposal agreement by the November 4th deadline.

The union stated on the December 1, 2000 tape that the only reply the negotiation committee received was from Bill Hobgood, Senior Vice President-- People Division.  The reply from Hobgood indicated that a temporary fence agreement should be established before any pay increases were to be granted.

This is the main issue of disagreement; a United Airlines proposal that would only offer salary increases for flight attendants if the union signs an agreement to give consent to the US Airways merger.  

The MEC had decided that the best course of action is to continue CHAOS activities to increase pressure on the company.

One very important point to keep in mind: This wage proposal dispute should not be confused with our normal Wage Arbitration review that is set for 2001.  The company had agreed to open our contract six months early because of the recent pay increases given to other employee groups.  Even though these talks have broken down, with no new talks scheduled, our Wage Arbitration review will proceed normally under the terms of our current contract dated December 3, 1997.

You can read the details of the Wage Arbitration review on page 264 of your current UAL/AFA contract.

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