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New SFO International Terminal Opens

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Date: Dec 06, 2000

Our largest domicile (SFO) will begin operating a full flight schedule out of the new international terminal at San Francisco International Airport.  If any of you have been up there on a 3:59 layover, or for RET, you'll remember all the construction cranes, choked traffic, crashing, pounding, and drilling of this massive project.

And no wonder.  It's now the largest international terminal in the United States, complete with new parking garages, a gigantic Rental Car Center the size of the Death Star, an entire BART station (that's Bay Area Rapid Transit for you non-SFO people), and an airport rail system that links everything together.

The cost?  A staggering $2.4 billion!  But that's really just chump change, considering that it's just over half of what UAL Corporation plans to pay for US Airways at $60.00 per share.  Things that make you go hmmm...

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