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A 300 lb Ruling For Airlines

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Date: Dec 15, 2000

Just when I'd given up all hope in our justice system comes a ruling to be proud of:  If an airline determines that a passenger is large enough to fill more than one seat, it can charge for more than one ticket.

This was the result of the week's Frivolous Lawsuit #8,995,449--- brought on by a passenger that weighs more than 300 pounds.  This 'case' alleged that Southwest Airlines harassed and discriminated against her last May before she boarded a flight.

The airline told her to purchase another ticket because she would end up occupying two seats and they would not be able to sell that extra seat.  A friend of hers purchased the ticket and she ended up taking the flight after all.  What happened next was a three-step process:

Step 1:  The 300 pound passenger claimed that she was harassed and discriminated against.

Step 2:  Lawyers jumped all over this media brain candy like flies to....

Step 3:  The case actually made it to a courtroom, shoving aside and lowering the impact of serious harassment and discrimination cases, as well as wreaked havoc on the professional and personal lives of the Southwest employees involved.

In the end, however, Superior Court Judge Marilyn Hoffman said the airline's policy wasn't discriminatory.  If you take up two seats, then you must pay for two seats.  Who would you  rather sit next to?  A pig on US Airways or that woman on Southwest?

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