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United Will Pay $200.00 To Many Employees

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Date: Nov 02, 2000

United Airlines announced today that it will pay $200.00 to each flight attendant, customer service representative, and reservation sales and service representative in order to "thank employees for their extra hard work and dedication this summer."  The $200.00 will be issued in the form of a check and will have taxes removed from the payment, so your actual amount will be less.

There is also the following notice posted on NewsReal: "Because of varying contractual and legal issues outside the U.S., the International Division will determine how to use its funds on a country-by-country basis."  That's a somewhat vague statement, so you may want to check up on this if you feel it applies to you.

This $200.00 per employee cash payout represents approximately one-half of the original 20 million "recognition fund" that was established to "thank" employees for the problems they endured during this past summer.

So what happens to the other 10 million?

According to NewsReal: United Airlines will form an "employee committee with representatives from major employee groups" that will then figure out what to do with this remaining amount.  Department heads are currently taking recommendations from department managers to create this committee, which will have two months to make their decision.  NewsReal then tell us that "the committee will allocate the funds in places like break rooms, lounges and other common employee areas where they are most needed to improve employees' work lives."

For more information about the payments, check out today's NewsReal or talk to your local AFA office.  The NewsReal announcement does not say when we will receive our payment, however.

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