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Flight Attendants Make Credit Suisse Concerned

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Date: Nov 03, 2000


"Shares of UAL Corp., parent of United Airlines, skidded lower Thursday as flight attendants of the world's largest carrier handed out leaflets at 15 airports around the world, demanding higher wages."  As Keanu Reeves would say, "Whoa!"  That was the first paragraph in a Dow Jones story straight out of New York today.

The article goes on to mention that James Higgins, an analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston Corp. in New York says that "Investors aren't in the mood, certainly, for any more labor problems at United."

United flight attendants have been distributing leaflets, picketing and rallying at major U.S. and overseas airports.  According to the AFA press release, "The actions are intended to demonstrate to United management and the flying public that, should United fail to address flight attendant concerns by the deadline (which is November 4th), there will be an unhappy workforce at the airline through the holidays."  

A UAL spokesman told the Dow Jones news reporter that "the talks are open-ended and are proceeding cordially.  We're negotiating in good faith and hoping to reach an agreement with them."

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