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AFA Announces Nov. 20 CHAOS Activities

Source: Archived Content

Date: Nov 18, 2000

According to a recent Association of Flight Attendants press release, the United Airlines flight attendants will be picketing and distributing informational leaflets at more than 20 airports on November 20th.  From what I can gather by reading their press release, this activity is appears to be a direct response to three main issues:

  1. United Airlines flight attendants make extremely low wages, with starting salaries of between $16,000 and $17,500 a year.
  2. After numerous contract violations, United agreed to open the flight attendants' 2001 wage negotiations seven months early but that United has yet to provide flight attendants with a wage proposal and has also even failed to provide dates when the negotiations can continue.
  3. United Airlines needs to give the flight attendants raises "that are on par with those of other workers at the airline."

AFA has announced that flight attendants will "create CHAOS at airports over the holidays until United shows flight attendants the respect they deserve by providing raises on par with those of other workers at the airline."  However, I'm not sure exactly what they mean by 'other workers'.  Pilots?  CSR's?  Unimatic Programmers?  Rono Dutta?

If it's the pilots or Dutta, then okay, I'll take a $XXX,XXX.XX per year increase!  As the good folks in Fargo would say, "You Betcha!"

You can read more about this turn of events by going to the press release on their website.

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