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Wage Talks To Begin Tomorrow

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Date: Oct 02, 2000

United Airlines will sit down with AFA beginning tomorrow, October 3, 2000, to consider granting a pay increase for flight attendants.  Remember that our contract allows for us to seek a wage increase effective March 1, 2001.  However, it appears that both the pressure from the AFA-MEC, as well as some pretty good news headlines recently, is helping to get these negotiations completed earlier.

United Airlines also plans to talk to AFA about "integration issues" relating to their US Air buyout.

Why are "integration issues" with the US Air purchase being mixed with our 2001 negotiations over our wages?  Perhaps it has something to do with the company's strong desire to see this merge through?  Who knows?  But here's something else all over the press this morning: Although we (as UAL flight attendants) cannot stop the actual merger of United Airlines and US Air, we can prevent an operational merger by refusing to approve a merged contract that would combine ourselves with US Airways flight attendants in one bargaining unit.

There's a some pretty incredible stuff going on here, and no doubt things are going to heat up soon.  Folks, consider putting yourselves on AWARENESS ALERT.  This means:

  • Read as much news coverage of this events as possible.
  • Review our current contract and become more familiar with where we currently stand with this company.
  • Do not allow United Airlines, AFA, the news media, Jumpseatnews, or your father-in-law to tell you what is or isn't a good business deal.  You've got to decide for yourself.  If you really need outside financial advice: get it from a financial expert or taxman.  You must weigh all possibilities and consider all consequences: It's your own paycheck and your own seniority that your are left with in the end.  
  • Keep emotion out of this!  Always focus on the facts: numbers, percentages, contract terms, dates, etc...
  • Talk to other flying partners.  People always make fun of "jumpseat rumor" but I've heard a wealth of valuable information out there on the line.  I also received some great advice and learned some powerful facts.  If talking to a flying partner who's been on the job at United Airlines for over 35 years isn't good education on our flying career, then nothing is.
  • Call 1-800-DEAR-AFA on Tuesday and on Friday.  If you are based overseas, use your country's local number for the tape.  DEAR-AFA is the easiest and most effective way to get our union's position on an issue, as well as a good news source for recent AFA-UAL events

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