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United To Open IAH Domicile

Source: AFA

Date: 6/29/2012

From: www.unitedafa.org

In accordance with Section 2.D. of our Contract, United announced their intention to open a new United Flight Attendant domicile in Houston (IAH).

The IAH domicile will open for the October schedule month, and United anticipates the first round of transfer to IAH to be awarded in mid-July effective for the October schedule. We have contacted United with our expectations and recommendations regarding a number of issues important to Flight Attendants who may be considering a transfer to this new domicile.

We have also requested specific information on: the number of Flight Attendants to staff the domicile, type of flying, equipment, any visa requirements and/or special qualifications; as well as samples of the IDs that will be flown from IAH.

In our communication with management we have expressed our expectation that any required training will be handled in accordance with Section 15 of our Contract and moving expenses with Section 24. We expect vacancies in IAH will be awarded in System Seniority order, including bids for any language-qualified positions.

We have advocated that as soon as possible, United provide a Transfer Information Packet for Flight Attendants to be made available to cover these and other considerations forthose who may wish to request a transfer to IAH.

AFA will establish a Local Council in Houston and believe the new domicile may provide opportunities for Flight Attendants who wish to move to Houston as well as those who choose to commute. Flight Attendants welcome the opportunity to transfer to Houston.

We will communicate additional details as we discuss them with the company.

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