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Get Microsoft Office 2013 for $10.00

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Date: Jan 30, 2013

NOTE: Some United employees don't have united.com email addresses.  For those, I'm not sure how you would verify your eligibility for the discount below.  You would need to see your supervisor.  You should see further details here.

United Airlines employees are eligible to purchase Microsoft Office 2013 for $9.95 using Microsoft’s Software Assurance Home Use Program (HUP). This program enables you to get a licensed copy of most Microsoft Office desktop PC applications to install and use on your home computer.

Here’s how you get the discount:

STEP 1 – Visit this page: http://hup.microsoft.com.  Click on your country where you will be using the software. In most cases, you will choose United States.

STEP 2 – You will be asked to enter your work email.  You must use your united.com email address I think.  I'm not sure you can use a non-united.com email.  It will also ask for the program code.  You can find the program code on this page in FlyingTogether – OR—you can proceed forward without the code and they will send you a verification email to your united.com email address.  Either way, you will need to check your united.com email address in order to download the software and obtain your License Key.  I cannot publish the program code here as this is against company policy.  However, since you will be needing to access your united.com email anyway, entering the code on this first page is redundant.

Access your united.com email here

STEP 3 – You then click on the verification link in your email.  That will take you to the purchase page where you can use any major credit card. Once you purchase the software, you will be sent the link to download.  From there, you can install on your computer. 

They have both Windows and Mac versions.

This is a GREAT employee benefit that I’ll bet a lot of people are unaware of.

There are other great employee discounts as well, check out this page for all of them.

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